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We ship from 3 locations:
  • San Francisco, CA, USA (to US and Canada only) -- next day, USPS Priority
  • Ensenada, BC, Mexico (to Mexico only) -- 3 days
  • Ufa, Russia (worldwide) -- 2 days, EMS express

    The shipping cost is flat $20 worldwide.
    Estimated delivery time: 5-7 days Europe and U.K., 10-14 days Australia.

    We can also ship with:
    DHL (extremely costly and fast)
    UPS (customs clearing may take up to 7 days)

    We hold full responsibility for the parcel delivery.

    Warranty and returns terms:

    Warranty 1 year
    You can return the item for ANY reason, in ANY condition (i.e. dislike the colour) in 4 weeks.
    Return paid by buyer, return addresses:
    555 Saturn Blvd, Ste B 1296, San Diego, CA 92154-4766, United States
    Krasnovodskaya 18A, Ufa, 450022, Russia


    Phone: +79273131360 (English, Español)
    Email: roboticsandplasma@gmail.com


    Denis Yusupov (sole proprietorship)
    450022 Krasnovodskaya 18A, Ufa, Russia
    VAT code 027410622522

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